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Arsenic removal from water by physico-chemical approach – A Low-cost treatment option

Rajendra Kumar Kaushal

Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jhansi, India.

Author Email: rajendra.kaushal02(at)

Article Number:  |   Pages: 10-18  |   Vol.1(1), March 2014   |   DOI:

 Received:  Accepted:  Published:


Methods available for arsenic removal from water are costly and cannot be applicable at large scale in the field. In the present study a low cost treatment of arsenic has been attempted which would be feasible in terms of village level applications. A laboratory investigation was carried out to study the removal of arsenic from water samples containing arsenic of known concentration by adsorption. Iron oxide coated and uncoated river sand of 0.50 mm geometric mean size has been used as adsorbent. Studies were carried out for finding the effects of various parameters like initial arsenic concentration, pH of arsenic solution, dose of adsorbent, contact time and filtration rates. Arsenic removal of 94% by coated sand and 40% by uncoated sand has been observed at optimum dose and initial concentration 1 mg/l of arsenic.

Arsenic removal, adsorption, low-cost treatment.

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