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Effects of modernity on depression

Alan Suresh Vázquez Raposo1* Luis Rey García Cortés1 and Moisés Moreno Noguez1

1Mexican Social Security Institute. Regional Delegation State of Mexico East. Head of Medical Benefits Services. Planning Coordination and Institutional Liaison. Medical Auxiliary Coordination of Health Research.

*Corresponding Author Email: alanraposocarax(at)

Alan Suresh Vázquez Raposo

Luis Rey García Cortés

Moisés Moreno Noguez

Article Number: irjpeh.20.019  |   Pages: 133-139  |   Vol. 7 (4), August 2020   |   DOI:

 Received: April 23, 2020  Accepted: June 23, 2020  Published: August 18, 2020


The objective of this paper focuses on elucidating how modernity has transformed the status of depression according to its discursiveness. Depression exhibits specific symptoms that elementally can be a problem in the clinic if left undetermined, since a disorder cannot be tackled without the social axis in which it appears, where a symptom appears is where the relationship of a problem has to be made. Clinics need to enable the social and cultural field to account for the effects of modernity on psychological disorders.


Depression, modernity, clinic, symptom, melancholy.

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