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Maan Khalid Alraddadi
Khadega Ahmed Salem

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Original Research Article

Determinant and motives of quitting smoking among male attendants of smoking cessation clinics in Al-Madinah Al-Munawara, Saudi Arabia 2020

Maan Khalid Alraddadi1* and Khadega Ahmed Salem1

1Joint Program of Family Medicine Postgraduate Studies, Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

*Corresponding Author Email: Dr-maan(at)

Maan Khalid Alraddadi

Khadega Ahmed Salem

Article Number: irjpeh.21.011  |   Pages: 80-86  |   Vol. 8 (2), March 2021   |   DOI:

 Received: November 26, 2020  Accepted: January 25, 2021  Published: February 10, 2021


To assess the determinants and motives of quitting smoking among those attending smoking cessation clinics in Al-Madinah city, KSA. The study was a cross sectional study, included men aged ≥ 18 of years old who are current smokers or who have recently quit smoking and are attending the clinics for the follow up. A total of 349 participants were included in the study. They were all men, aged between 18 and 49 years. The average length of years of smoking was 13.72±6.54 years and average age of starting smoking was 23.76±4.3 years. The Participants smoked 12.87±5.99 cigarette per day. The majority (87 %) of respondents will quit within 6 months and 10 % will quit within one month. Only 59 % of participants have been advised to quit smoking in the last 6 months. The most important factors related to smoking cessation were concern for their future health (87.96 %), harmful health effects (82.80 %) and the benefit of a healthy lifestyle (76.50 % ). The majority (66.47 %) were advised by physicians. Past experience with smoking cessation, health concerns, use of health services and motivational factors as predictors of smoking cessation. These predictors are quite similar to those found among smokers in other developed countries.


Determinants, motives, quitting smoking, smoking cessation clinics, Al-Madinah city, Saudi Arabia

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Alraddadi MK, Salem KA(2021).Determinant and motives of quitting smoking among male attendants of smoking cessation clinic sin Al-Madinah Al-Munawara, Saudi Arabia 2020. Int. Res. J. Pub. Environ. Health 8(2):80-86.

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