International Research Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

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Abbreviation: Int. Res. J. Med. Bio. Sci.
ISSN: 2488-9032
Start Year: 2016
Model: Open Access/Peer Reviewed

May 2021; 6(2)


IRJMBS Articles

Hepatitis B reactivation with hepatic decompensation after the use of direct-acting antiviral agents in a patient with chronic Hepatitis B and C coinfection
Po-Yao Hsu Ming-Lun Yeh Chung-Feng Huang Chia-Yen Dai Ming-Lung Yu Jee-Fu Huang Wan-Long Chuang
Case Study
DOI:    |    Article Number: irjmbs.19.007

Computed tomography and ultrasonographic correlation of intrahepatic biloma in an immuno-compromised patient- An incidental finding: A case study
Erondu Okechukwu Felix Benson Samuel
Case Study
DOI:    |    Article Number: irjmbs.19.006

Relationship between placenta weight and birth weight at the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa
Allagoa DO Kotingo EL
Original Research Article
DOI:    |    Article Number: irjmbs.19.005

Seroprevalence of venereal disease in pregnancy: Our experience in Federal Medical Centre Yenagoa Bayelsa State Nigeria
Allagoa D.O Kotingo E. L
Original Research Article
DOI:    |    Article Number: irjmbs.19.004

A silent killer in the Far North Region of Cameroon: Increasing prevalence of hypertension among Kaele dwellers
Françoise Raïssa Ntentie* Boris Ronald Tonou Tchuente Maxwell Wandji Nguedjo Gérald Dama Ousmane Mfopou Mboindi Boris Gabin Kingue Azantsa Judith Laure Ngondi Enyong Julius Oben
Original Research Article
DOI:    |    Article Number: irjmbs.19.004

Pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome-The role of central obesity
Odoh G Uwakwe JN Edah JO Ojobi JE Chuhwak EK
DOI:    |    Article Number: irjmbs.19.002

Antidiabetic potentials of herbal content of 1960 drink and effect on liver enzymes in streptozotocin-induced diabetic Wistar rats
Etah E. Nkanu* Kayode Dasofunjo Ujong Peter Ujong Kebe E. Obeten
Original Research Article
DOI:    |    Article Number: irjmbs.19.001

ISW for the treatment of adult anterior crossbite with severe crowding combined facial asymmetry case
Chun-shuo HUANG Jian-hong YU* Cheng-yen HSIEH
Case Study
DOI:    |    Article Number: irjmbs.18.004

Host factors in Campylobacter jejuni infection: A Review
*Abruquah, H. H. Oldfield, N. J. Worrall, K Wooldridge, K. G Ala’Aldeen, D. A
DOI:    |    Article Number: irjmbs.18.003

A rare case of 47,XXY/46,XY mosaic klinefelter syndrome with unique phenotype
Hasan Simsek Abdullah Gul* Serhat Yentur Ahmet Sahan
Case Study
DOI:    |    Article Number: irjmbs.18.002

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