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Fatchul Mu’in

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Original Research Article

The role of physical education supervisor in maintaining traditional games in South Kalimantan

Sunarno Basuki1 and Fatchul Mu’in*1

1Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Lambung Mangkurat University.

*Corresponding Author Email: muin_sihyar(at)

Sunarno Basuki

Fatchul Mu’in

Article Number: IJEPRR.20.015  |   Pages: 131-140  |   Vol. 7 (4), July 2020   |   DOI:

 Received: April 16, 2020  Accepted: July 3, 2020  Published: July 17, 2020


Preparing excellent resources in the digital era is mandatory. The role of digital technology in the lives of children is not so favorable in the preparation of expected excellent Human Resources (HR). Presently, children no longer engage in traditional games but prefer electronic games. Traditional games that provide positive values for children cannot be replaced by technology. This paper seeks to respond to how to preserve the traditional games to prepare the superior human resources required for the victory of Southern Kalimantan in the future. This paper is based on literature review, documentation, and interview. The study summary indicates that certain forms of traditional games are required in physical education. Physical education supervisors have an important role to play in this respect, as coordinators, consultants, leaders, and evaluators of the physical education learning process in which traditional games are taught. It is recommended that traditional games be preserved for preparing excellent human resources in South Kalimantan.


Supervisor, physical education, traditional games

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