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The human brain: Search for natural intelligence

Kamal I. Al-Malah

Chemical Engineering, Higher Colleges of Technology, Ruwais, Abu-Dhabi, UAE.

Author’s E-mail: kalmalah(at), k.almalah(at)

Tel: +971-502286961

Kamal I. Al-Malah

Article Number: IJEPRR.21.026  |   Pages: 232-235  |   Vol. 8 (6), November-December 2021   |   DOI:

 Received: August 20, 2021  Accepted: September 14, 2021  Published: November 3, 2021


As we all live in the digital era, characterized by a continuous change in terms of content of and volume of accessible knowledge, it is time to reflect on and ponder over the overwhelming, multidisciplinary knowledge and the domain-specific knowledge. It is time to search for natural intelligence. The rhythm of knowledge acquisition does not cope with the mushroom-type of knowledge explosion. Explaining how powerful the human brain is in terms of its memory capacity, educators can nurture on this privilege and utilize it to the maximum in terms of building the virtual being either for a specific domain or for a multidisciplinary type of domain such a beginner can be prepared from zero, ground level up to a fully functional expert in the specified domain. Intuitively, this also requires a fully functional and well-prepared instructor to disseminate at least the skeletal knowledge so that the learner can later wrap the skeleton with the additional beef of knowledge to end up with a wholesome and healthy wellbeing.


uman brain, neurons, digital era, natural intelligence, petabyte, memory diversity, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, skeletal knowledge

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