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Muna Alshammari
Khalid Alsaeed
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June 2023;10(2)


Short Communication

Sharing best practices: Kuwait virtual hospital -Nursing training center

Muna Alshammari*1, Khalid Alsaeed1, and Abrar Almirza2

1Bachelor of Science Department, College of Nursing, Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Al Shuwaikh, P.O. Box 23167,Safat, Kuwait 13092
2Head Nurse – ICU, Jaber Military Hospital,Ministry of Health, Kuwait

Corresponding Author’s Email: ma.alshammari(at)

Tel: +96522315940

Muna Alshammari

Khalid Alsaeed

Abrar Almirza

Article Number: IJEPRR.22.008  |   Pages: 78-80  |   Vol. 9 (3), July 2022   |   DOI:

 Received: April 20, 2022  Accepted: June 9, 2022  Published: July 29, 2022


Virtual reality is modern technology involving the use of computers to mimic a real life experience or situation. It has recently become an important approach in nursing education, due to its potential to show students what it is like to be in real-world clinical settings. The COVID-19 pandemic created more need for virtual instruction, learning and healthcare, and utilisation of virtual reality has since intensified. We present an ongoing project that utilises a virtual reality platform to facilitate practical teaching of Nursing students in Kuwait. The project is established at Kuwait Virtual Hospital which is a private training center for health care professionals. Teaching is conducted through simulation laboratories that have different modules and which contain guidelines to develop good and professional medical practice. This project is anticipated to enhance the learning of undergraduate nursing students, to improve the overall quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of patient care in Kuwait and other related settings.

Keywords: Virtual reality, virtual hospital, nursing training, Kuwait

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Alshammari M, Alsaeed K, Almirza A(2022).Sharing best practices: Kuwait virtual hospital -Nursing training center. Int. J. Educ. Pol. Res. Rev. 9(3):78-79.

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