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Psychological well-being in students of Mexican universities

Leticia Carreño Saucedo1, Josue Ociel Marquez Gómez*1 and Salvador Bobadilla Beltrán1

1Autonomous Mexico State University. Tejupilco Professional Academic Unit

*Corresponding Author Email psicoletty(at)

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 Received: October 18, 2019  Accepted: December 4, 2019  Published: January 9, 2020


Psychological well-being must be included as one of the priorities of university institutions. It has been established that identifying the level of psychological well-being in university students is a descriptive, non-experimental, cross-sectional study. The results showed the six dimensions of psychological well-being, and on three levels: low, medium and high. At the low level in the positive relations dimension, the following schools were found: Technological University of the South of the State of Mexico, Academic Unit Tejupilco, and the National Pedagogical University. Likewise, at the level under the Autonomy dimension, the Domain dimension and in the positive relations dimension, the Academic Unit Tejupilco staff were found.In the medium level of the Personal Growth dimension, the Academic Unit Tejupilco was found and at the high level in the autonomy dimension: the Technological University of the South of the State of Mexico, in the personal growth dimension the University of Higher Studies was found.It was concluded that in the Universities of the South of the State of Mexico, despite having activities focused on the prevention of health problems for students such as: sports, cultural activities and workshops aimed at the development of skills, they are not aimed at psychological well-being. The context in which the university is located must be taken into account to determine its level of psychological well-being, since it influences the behavior of the university.

Psychological well-being, students, universities

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