Music, songs, early childhood education, classroom interaction


International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review

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Tumaini Samweli Mugaya

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June 2023;10(2)


Original Research Article

Music in early childhood education: its importance in child development and classroom interaction

Tumaini Samweli Mugaya

The University of Dodoma, Tanzania.

Author’s Email: samwelikebara(at)


Tumaini Samweli Mugaya

Article Number: IJEPRR.22.011  |   Pages: 97-103  |   Vol. 9 (4), September 2022   |   DOI:

 Received: April 22, 2022  Accepted: June 24, 2022  Published: September 9, 2022


Turnover among Lecturers in higher institutions of learning are mostly due to dissatisfaction with their jobs. Employee job satisfaction is of utmost importance to stimulating and sustaining the interest of the individual in order to prevent employee turnover. There are many factors influencing employee job satisfaction and preventing employee turnover. Factors such as salary, working conditions, cordial relationship with colleagues at work, opportunities for job progression among several other factors. The purpose of this study was to explore the extent to which these factors affect the job satisfaction and prevent turnover among lecturers in the University for Development Studies using a cross-sectional research design and a survey as method of data collection. Questionnaires were employed as data collection instruments to elicit information from 287 lecturers recruited from selected departments in the University for Development Studies within the Tamale Metropolis. Multiple regression was used to establish the relationship between factors influencing job satisfaction and employee turnover. Major findings from the study alluded to the fact that salary, working conditions, working environments, carrier advancement, relationship with co-workers have significant correlation with job satisfaction and turnover of lecturers in the selected institutions of higher learning. Based on these findings, the study recommends yearly salary adjustments, create a conducive working environment for lecturers, improve upon infrastructural facilities and facilitates carrier advancement issues for lecturers so as to prevent them from exiting the institutions.


Music, songs, early childhood education, classroom interaction

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