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Assessment of adolescents’ perception on implication of sexual relationships on girls in higher learning institutions of Arusha City, Tanzania

Wilhelmina Jerome Lyimo1*, Jamin M. Masinde2 and Kimani G. Chege2

1Department of Sociology and Social Work, The Open University of Tanzania.
2Department of Sociology and Psychology, Moi University, Kenya.

*Corresponding Author

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Impacts of adolescents’ sexual relationships are more noticeable on girls than boys due to pregnancy and its consequences. This study examined adolescents’ perception on implications of sexual relationships on girls in higher learning institutions of Arusha City, Tanzania. Descriptive case study design was employed and data was collected through interview schedules and documents. Qualitative approach was used with some quantitative aspects. Purposive and snow ball sampling techniques were used to select 80 adolescent students aged 18-24 years and 12 key informants. To ensure validity and reliability, the instruments were inspected and used in a pilot study for necessary modification prior to data collection. Findings: adolescents engage in premarital sex despite their awareness on its consequences like; expulsion of pregnant girls from schools; social, economic, psychological and medical challenges; adolescents perceive sexual relationships as: desire to show love, sexual leisure to choose future partner, modern life style, girls’ anxiety for financial support, proof of maturity and fertility. Recommendations: the government of Tanzania to ensure comprehensive and effective provision of sex education by training teachers and providing required facilities, to establish special education program for empowering adolescent mothers to become economically independent, to enhance Reproductive Health Services (RHS) for adolescents, and schools, parents and stake holders to establish activities on guidance and awareness raising on sexual issues among adolescents.

Adolescents, perception, implication, sexual relationships higher learning institutions

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