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June 2023;10(2)


Original Research Article

Experiences of student-teachers on placement

Hellen N. Inyega*1 and Justus O. Inyega2

1Department of Education Communication and Technology, University of Nairobi
2Centre for Pedagogy and Andragogy, University of Nairobi

*Corresponding Author Email: hinyega(at)

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 Received: September 23, 2016  Accepted: April 24, 2017  Published: May 11, 2017


This paper, using case-study research approach and informed by phenomenological and social constructivist theoretical perspectives, shares experiences of five purposively student-teachers who were video-taped practicing  teaching in the Eastern Province of Kenya. Findings indicate that student-teachers appreciate the quality and relevance of their teacher preparation courses and the central importance of their relationships with significant others. The study highlights also student-teachers’ preoccupations and concerns with their developing identities as ‘teachers’ and the ample opportunities provided while practicing teaching for them to try out pedagogical content knowledge, skills, values and attitudes learnt during  teacher  preparation. Challenges experienced by the student teachers and/or  participating schools are also discussed. Implications for teacher educators, supervisors, student teachers and teaching practice schools are made.

Keywords: Placement, student –teachers, teacher education, teaching practice, video-cases

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