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Factors of effect on job expectation honorarium teachers and its impact

Iskandar Agung1, M Calvin Capnary2, Novrian Satria Perdana3, and Simon Silisabon4

1,3,4Center for Research Policy, MOEC Republic of Indonesia.
2Vice President of Bahaso Company, Jakarta – Republic of Indonesia.

*Corresponding Author Email: safrusal.1958(at)

Iskandar Agung

M Calvin Capnary

Novrian Satria Perdana

Simon Silisabon

Article Number: IJEPRR.20.010  |   Pages: 80-90  |   Vol. 7 (3), May 2020   |   DOI:

 Received: February 13, 2020  Accepted: April 18, 2020  Published: May 6, 2020


This study aims to determine the factors that affect job satisfaction of non-permanent teachers (called: honorary teachers) and their impact on student performance, ongoing commitment, enthusiasm, and achievement. The study was conducted in 9 (nine) districts which were divided into two phases in 2017 (five districts) and 2018 (four districts). The research sample is honorary teachers who teach in junior and senior high schools with a total sample of 180 people. Data collection is done by distributing questionnaires, interviews, and focus group discussions (FGD). Data were analyzed using the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) approach using the Lisrel 8.70 program. The study found job expectations and regular school operational assistance (specifically the allocation of funds used for honorarium teacher salaries) had a positive effect on job satisfaction of honorary teachers. Further job satisfaction has a significant impact on job performance, continuance commitment, work enthusiasm, and student achievement. The government is advised to select and recruit honorarium teachers to become non-ASN/Civil apparatus of State permanent teachers by relying on salary payments based on regional minimum wages and the right to take competency tests to get professional benefits, fulfillment of leave and other social security rights, and so on. But non-ASN permanent teachers do not get pension funds when they stop working later.


Satisfaction, performance, commitment, enthusiasm, learning

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