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Original Research Article

Empowering girls through multimedia learning: Experience from Rukwa and Dodoma Regions in Tanzania

Belingtone Eliringia Mariki

Institute of Adult Education, P.O. Box 20679, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Belingtone Eliringia Mariki

Article Number: IJEPRR.20.022  |   Pages: 204-214  |   Vol. 7 (6), December 2020   |   DOI:

 Received: September 23, 2020  Accepted: November 25, 2020  Published: December 22, 2020


This study is a result of a case of Girls Inspire project (GIP) implemented by the Institute of Adult Education (IAE) in Rukwa and Dodoma regions in Tanzania. IAE implemented the project aiming at using multimedia learning to empower girls who dropped out of formal schooling due to pregnancy and early marriages. Thus, this study aimed at using the project to examine the role of multimedia learning in empowering girls. Specifically, it aimed at determining multimedia learning influence on girls’ access to economic opportunities and socio-economic status. It applied exploratory research design with a qualitative research approach that involved 40 research participants comprising, 32 girls and 8 facilitators (6 females and 2 males) from GIP. The researcher collected data using interview and focus group discussion methods and analyzed it using content analysis. Findings reveal that as a result of multimedia learning, the girls managed to establish income generating activities and economic groups, initiatives that qualified them for microcredits granted by Local governments and other stakeholders. The findings also indicate that the socio-economic status of the girls has increased based on the way community members treat them and their ability to meet petty expenses. The study concludes that apparently, there is a link between multimedia learning and girls’ empowerment and recommends for interested researchers to research the feasibility of scaling up the intervention to other places in the country.


Multimedia learning, girls’ empowerment, girls’ multimedia learning experience.

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