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Lisna Sulinar Sari
Agus Amin Sulistiono
Lucia H Winingsih

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Original Research Article

Effect of psychomotor development on physical health, mental health and student achievement

Lisna Sulinar Sari1*, Agus Amin Sulistiono1 and Lucia H Winingsih1*

1Center for Research Policy, Research and Development and Books, MOEC Republic of Indonesia

*Corresponding Author Email:

Lisna Sulinar Sari

Agus Amin Sulistiono

Lucia H Winingsih

Article Number: IJEPRR.20.024  |   Pages: 228-240  |   Vol. 7 (6), December 2020   |   DOI:

 Received: May 20, 2020  Accepted: July 14, 2020  Published: December 29, 2020


It is the belief that there are three domains in learning, cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. This paper aims to explain the psychomotor development in student learning achievement. For this reason, this study was conducted in 40 primary schools in three provinces (DKI Jakarta, West Java and Banten), Republic of Indonesia. From each school 10 teachers were obtained through random techniques, a total of 400. The main data collection was carried out with a questionnaire given to sample teachers, supplemented by interviews and focus group discussions. Previously the questionnaire was tested to determine its validity and reliability using Pearson and Cronbach’s criteria. Analysis of data were done using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) processed through the assistance of the Lisrel 8.70 program. The results showed that psychomotor development was influenced by the principal’s leadership, learning curriculum, guidance and counseling, and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, psychomotor development itself affects physical health and mental health, then affects student learning achievement. It was recommended that the psychomotor development of students needs to be increased and intensified by schools through paying attention to these influence variables, as principal leadership, learning curriculum, guidance and counselling, and extracurricular activities; as well as the contribution of the indicators values contained in each variables. Additionally, it was also recommended that psychomotor development must be integrated with the achievement of cognitive and affective dimensions of the students, so clarity is needed in planning, objectives, and consistency in its implementation.


Principal leadership, curriculum, guidance and counseling, extracurricular, psychomotor, psychomotor development.

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Sari LS, Sulistiono AA, Winingsih LH (2020). Effect of psychomotor development on physical health, mental health and student achievement. Int. J. Educ. Pol. Res. Rev. 7(6):228-242.

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