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March 2022;9(2)


Original Research Article

Contribution of secondary education towards economic growth in Ngara District, Tanzania

Heri Catherine*1 and Demetria G. Mkulu1

1Department of Educational Foundation, St. Augustine University of Tanzania.

*Corresponding Author Email: kettyheri(at)

Heri Catherine

Heri Catherine

Article Number: IJEPRR.22.002  |   Pages: 14-26  |   Vol. 9 (1), January 2022   |   DOI:

 Received: October 23, 2021  Accepted: December 15, 2021  Published: January 3, 2022


The purpose of this study was to examine the contribution of secondary education towards economic growth in Ngara District. The study was guided by three research objectives which are; to identify the contribution of the education achieved in secondary school graduates on economic growth, to assess the relationship between secondary school education and economic growth and the last one was to analyze the challenges that face secondary education leavers in the job market. The study was guided by Human Capital Theory which was developed by Schult and Becker .The research used mixed approach technique which entails qualitative and quantitative. In qualitative, the study analyzed the findings by looking at the physical trends while quantitative, the findings were analyzed using measurements in terms of inferential statistics. From the findings, the results reveal that there is a direct connectivity between school education and practical implementation of the knowledge gained in classrooms. Moreover, the findings established that there is low contribution in education achieved in secondary-by-secondary school leavers which cannot cater for their economic income. The study recommends that the government should device friendly curriculum which is environment friendly. This will help secondary school leavers to translate their education into economic growth activities. Moreover, the secondary school leavers are advised to link what they gained in their course of schooling in order to avoid depending much on their guardians and parents.


Contribution, secondary school, education, economic, growth, job market.

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