International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research

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Abbreviation: Int. J. Agric. Pol. Res.
ISSN: 2350-1561
Start Year: 2013
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May 2021;9(3)


Table of Contents: November 2017; 5(11)

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Original Research Article 

Seasonal changes in clinical parameters of Bos indicus, Bos taurus and Bos indicus x taurus bulls raised on Zambian commercial farms

M.C., Sitali, A.M., Mwanza, E.S, Mwaanga, I.R., Parsons and N.J., Parsons

Pages: 163-168   |   DOI:    |    Article Number: IJAPR.17.019    |    PDF

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Original Research Article 

Determinants of smallholder market participation among banana growers in bench Maji Zone, Southwest Ethiopia

Getahun Kassa, Eskinder Yigezu and Desalegn Alemayehu

Pages: 169-177   |   DOI:    |    Article Number: IJAPR.17.020    |    PDF

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Original Research Article 

Effect of extenders and storage periods on motility and fertilization rate of Silver Barb, Barbonymus gonionotus (Bleeker, 1850) semen

Balayet Hossen, Md. Shakhawate Hossain, Ibrahim Rashid, Md. Nahid Hasan, Rokhsana Ethin, Himal Thapa and Bhaskar Chandra Majumdar

Pages: 178-185   |   DOI:    |    Article Number: IJAPR.17.021    |    PDF

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Original Research Article 

Effects of phytosanitation and cassava (Manihot esculenta) variety on the incidence of cassava mosaic disease and whitefly abundance in a forest zone of Cameroon

Apollin Fotso Kuate, Francis Ngome Ajebesone, Christopher Suh and Aimé Didier Begoude Boyogueno

Pages: 186-191   |   DOI:    |    Article Number: IJAPR.17.022    |    PDF

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