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Phenotyping of local chili pepper (Capsicum spp) accessions cultivated in Burkina Faso

Lucienne WAONGO1*, Mariam KIEBRE1, Boureima SAWADOGO2, Mahamadi H OUEDRAOGO1, Zakaria KIEBRE1 and Pauline BATIONO/KANDO1

1Equipe Génétique et Amélioration des Plantes, Laboratoire Biosciences, Unité de Formation et de Recherche en Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre, Université Joseph Ki-Zerbo ; 03 BP 7021,Ouagadougou 03; Burkina Faso
2Université de Fada N’Gourma

*Corresponding Authors E-mail: waongolucienne(at)

Tel. :(+226) 70 61 9171
(+226) 70 28 9074

Lucienne WAONGO




Zakaria KIEBRE


Article Number: IJAPR.21.003  |   Pages: 16-23  |   Vol. 9 (1), January 2021   |   DOI:

 Received: September 23, 2020  Accepted: December 20, 2020  Published: January 4, 2021


The cultivation of chili peppers (Capsicum spp.) in Burkina Faso has become an important occupation and a great source of incomes, helping farmers to fight against poverty. However, local cultivars have low yields, essentially because of the pest pressure and the limited access to improved seeds. This study aims to contribute to a better knowledge of its diversity to lay the basis of its improvement. Thus, fifty-nine (59) accessions were characterized according to RCBD design with three (03) repetitions using 12 qualitative variables and 12 quantitative variables. The study showed great diversity within the accessions studied. The qualitative variables were all discriminate the accessions, except colour of the seed. Interesting and significant correlations between several characteristics, especially between leaf and fruit parameters were also revealed. A structuring of the accessions in 3 composite clusters reflecting the higher intra-accession diversity was observed. These results provide a basis for future selection and valorization works of chili pepper in Burkina Faso.


Agro-morphological characters, accessions, correlation, Capsicum spp.

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Waongo L, Kiebre M, Sawadogo B, Ouedraogo MH, Kiebre Z, Bationo-Kando P(2021). Phenotyping of local chili pepper (Capsicum spp) accessions cultivated in Burkina Faso. Int. J. Agric. Pol. Res. 9(1):16-23.

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