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Effect of accelerated aging on mungbean (Vigna Radiata L. Wilczek) seed vigour

Su Yi Chan1* and Mohammad Bin Mohd Lassim1

1Faculty of Sustainable Agriculture, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Locked Bag No. 3, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah.

*Corresponding Author Email: mr1711008t(at)

Tel.: +6011-36095414

Article Number: IJAPR.19.013  |   Pages: 114-123  |   Vol.7 (5), August 2019   |   DOI:

 Received: June 15, 2019  Accepted: July 26, 2019  Published: August 17, 2019


Seed is one of the basic inputs in agriculture. Standard seed germination which usually conducted under optimum growing conditions, may not serve as an accurate vigour indicator for a seed lot. A vigour test, however, would offer the scope and possibility to determine vigour of a seed lot so that its field and storage performance can be assessed. Thus, this study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of accelerated aging test as a vigour test for mungbean seeds. Accelerated aging procedure was done to obtain seed samples varying in vigour levels. Seeds were exposed to high temperatures (41, 43 and 45°C) with high humidity environment (R.H.≈95%) for different periods of time (48 and 96 hours). Seed moisture content, electrical conductivity of seed leachate and standard germination test were performed on the aged seeds and the results were compared to the non-aged seeds. Current results revealed that accelerated aging treatments statistically (p<0.05) affected all the twelve traits evaluated. After aged at 45°C for 96 hour, seed moisture content increased from 6.84% to 23.56% while seed leachate conductivity increased from 9.95 μS/cm/seed to 14.28μS/cm/seed. All the germination percentage, germination index, seedling vigour index and seedling growth parameters showed drastic reduction after accelerated aging. The seven resultant seed lots ranged in germination percentage and seedling vigour index from 95 % and 19.68, respectively (for non-aged seeds) to 59.5 % and 5.73 (for seeds aged at 45°C for 96 hours).The findings demonstrated that high vigour seeds outperformed low vigour seeds in all traits evaluated.

Accelerated aging, mungbean, seed vigour, seed quality.

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