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Determinants of competitiveness of irrigated and rain-fed tomato production technologies in Ghana

Peter Boamah Otokunor1*, Edward Ebo Onumah2, Daniel Bruce-Sarpong2 and Kwabena Asomanin Anaman2

1Department of Economics and Actuarial Science, University of Professional Studies, P.O BOX LG 149, Legon – Accra, Ghana.
2Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, University of Ghana, P. O Box LG 52, Legon – Accra, Ghana.

*Corresponding Author Email: peter.otokunor(at)


Peter Boamah Otokunor

Edward Ebo Onumah

Daniel Bruce-Sarpong

Kwabena Asomanin Anaman

Article Number: IJAPR.23.009  |   Pages: 91-102  |   Vol. 10 (3), November 2023   |   DOI:

 Received: August 18, 2023  Accepted: October 20, 2023  Published: November 1, 2023


This paper estimates the competitiveness and the determinants of the competitiveness of tomato farms under irrigated and rainfed technologies from four ecological zones in Ghana. Adopting the PAM model on three-year panel data from 698 tomato farmers, comprising 206 irrigated and 492 rainfed farmers, the paper provides evidence that tomato farms under the two technologies are uncompetitive at the aggregate level, and otherwise at the individual farm level. The study found that access to credit, extension services, yield, fertilizer price, FBO membership, and farmer location have a significant impact on competitiveness. The paper recommends that policymakers prioritize agricultural finance and access to technical and extension services.

Keywords: Competitiveness, tomato, production, irrigation and rained technologies, Ghana

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Otokunor PB, Onumah EE, Bruce-Sarpong D Anaman KA (2023). Determinants of competitiveness of irrigated and rain-fed tomato production technologies in Ghana.Int. J. Agric. Pol. Res.11(3):91-102. DOI:

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