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Identication and morphology of pathogens in liquid effluent from a Cow dung biodigester

1*Ogunkeyede Akinyemi O.,1Okorhi-Damisa F.B., 1Tedjere Efemena and 1Sheyi Adeniyi

1Department of Environmental Management and Toxicology, College of Science, Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun. Delta State, Nigeria.

*Corresponding Author Email: Ogunkeyede.akinyemi(at)

Ogunkeyede Akinyemi O

Okorhi-Damisa F.B

Tedjere Efemena

Sheyi Adeniyi

Article Number: ibspr.20.006  |   Pages: 51-57  |   Vol. 8 (3), June 2020   |   DOI:

 Received: April 12, 2020  Accepted: June 12, 2020  Published: June 18, 2020


Cow dung biodigester digestate and biogas are useful products in energy production and organic fertilizer for agricultural practice in Niger Delta area. This study focuses on the liquid effluents from the cow dung biodigester advocated for use as liquid fertilizer to investigate pathogen that might be harmful to human and animal in the cause of its use. The present study use liquid effluent collected from falcorp mangrove Nature Park owned by CMADI. Standard microbiological procedures isolated and identified the pathogen bacteria. The morphology and biochemical analysis could differentiate between Gram positive and negative, with identification of the genus of the pathogens. The pathogens isolated and identified in this study are Klebsiella, Staphylococcus, Acinetobacter, Edwardsiella, and Alcaligenes species respectively. Staphylococcus is Gram positive while others are Gram negative. Acinetobacter and Alcaligenes have been resistance towards the antibiotics, which means it will cause serious public health when exposed to population. Therefore, this study shows that liquid effluents got from cow dung biodigester are contaminated with pathogens, which may likely affect the population when used for agricultural purpose.

Keywords: Liquid effluent, biodigester, digestate Morphological identification, pathogens

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Ogunkeyede AO,Okorhi-Damisa FB, Tedjere E, Sheyi A (2020).Identication and morphology of pathogens in liquid effluent from a Cow dung biodigester.Issues Biol. Sci. Pharma. Res. 8(3):51-57.

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