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An evaluation of the factors of tourist satisfaction in the Ionian Islands – an analysis

Evangelia D. Parisi

Department of Business Administration, University of the Aegean, Chios, Greece.

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 Received: June 4, 2018  Accepted: August 27, 2018  Published: August 10, 2018


Tourist satisfaction plays an important role in the analysis of tourist behavior. The main goal of the survey in question is to investigate the factors which affect tourist satisfaction and how these factors interact with each other. This interaction is achieved through the Structural Equation Models methodology. Namely, an hypothetical tourist satisfaction model will be set down, which will basically include the factors that relate to tourist satisfaction and have already been used in the existing reference models, yet it will assess together the stimuli affecting those who urge tourists to take the trip and also affect the development of their behavior. The hypothetical model after the data collection could be suitably modified validly and reliably with new relations and interactions on factors which form satisfaction. The cluster of the Ionian Islands constitutes the range of inquiry that includes a group of islands with mutual functional dependence and it is an area which is particularly affected by the mainland. The suggestions that are to be put forward will refer to the efficient application of the measuring tool at island tourist destinations similar to the Ionian Islands in regard to the increase of tourist satisfaction.

Tourist satisfaction, structural equation models, cluster of the Ionian Islands.

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