Eco-friendly products, consumer satisfaction, green marketing, consumer decision, Malaysia


Issues in Business Management and Economics

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actors affecting on consumer’s purchase intention towards eco-friendly products in Malaysia

Ahasanul Haque1, Abdur Rakib Nayeem2*, Md Nuralam Hossain3, Fahriba Abdullah4, Md. Nazirul Islam Sarker5 and MST. Fatema Akter6




1Department of Economics and Management Science, International Islamic University Malaysia, Jalan Gombak, Selengor, 53100, Malaysia
2School of Economics and Business Administration, Chongqing University, Shapingba, 400045, Chongqing, China
3School of Environment and Ecology, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400045, China
4Department of Business Administration, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada
5School of Political Science and Public Administration, Neijiang Normal University, Neijiang 641100, China
6College of International Study, Southwest University, Beibei, Chongqing 400715, China

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Tel: +86 131 930 890 43

Ahasanul Haque

Abdur Rakib Nayeem

Md Nuralam Hossain

Fahriba Abdullah

Md. Nazirul Islam Sarker

MST. Fatema Akter

Article Number: IBME.20.007  |   Pages: 72-83  |   Vol. 8 (4), October 2020   |   DOI:

 Received: June 26, 2020  Accepted: August 12, 2020  Published: October 15, 2020


This investigation distinguishes the variables influencing Malaysian purchasers’ fulfillment towards eco-accommodating items. Four factors in particular, value, quality, accessibility and easy to understand are proposed to have solid connections with consumer loyalty with regards to Malaysia. Numerous investigations have been done on green promoting investigating the significance of the point and relationship with the variables of eco-accommodating items and consumer loyalty. Through fundamental and rich data gave by specialists and equipped and experienced analysts, organizations have comprehended the significance of eco-accommodating items to fulfill clients. The goal of this examination is to investigate the four elements or components, towards eco-accommodating items. A poll was dispersed to get the perspectives on the Malaysian clients, how they are affected by the variables or components to be fulfilled in utilizing eco-accommodating items. A quantitative methodology was received for the investigation by giving a poll to 250 respondents. Besides, helpful examining was utilized to gather information so the picked limit was Kuala Lumpur. Discoveries show that shoppers, who had just purchased eco-friendly items and the individuals who were fulfilled by these past buys, were happy to rehash buys. Inspirational perspectives concerning readiness to address an additional cost for green items were likewise related with fulfillment and we found additionally that nature of the items, accessibility and ease of use towards eco-friendly items were likewise positive.


Eco-friendly products, consumer satisfaction, green marketing, consumer decision, Malaysia

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Haque A, Nayeem AR, Hossain MN, Abdullah F, Sarker MNI, Akter MSTF (2020). Factors affecting on consumer’s purchase intention towards eco-friendly products in Malaysia. Issues Bus. Manag. Econ. 8(4):72-83.

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