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H Sumampouw
M Rengkuan
BH Siswati
AD Corebima

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H Sumampouw
M Rengkuan
BH Siswati
AD Corebima

International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review
ISSN 2360-7076
Vol.3 (3), pp. 36-42 May, 2016
Available online at
Article ID:/16/EPRR/029/ 07 pages
Author(s) agree that this article remain permanently open access under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License.

Original Research Article

Metacognition skill development in genetic lecture at the State University of Malang Indonesia

H. Sumampouw1, M. Rengkuan1, BH. Siswati2 and AD. Corebima2*

1Department of Biology Education,State University of Manado,Tondano, Indonesia.
2Department of Biology,Faculty of Mathematics and Science, State University of Malang, Indonesia.

*Corresponding Author Email:

date Received: March 11, 2016     date Accepted: April 6, 2016     date Published: May 17, 2016


This study was conducted to uncover student metacognition skill increase in genetic course II at odd semester 2013/2014 by implementing RQA and PjBL learning model in the Biology Department of the State University of Malang, Indonesia. The study was conducted in pre-experimental design from late August to early December 2013, involving 24 students programming the genetic course II. Student metacognition skills were measured from questioning based on summarising result and its related answers. The assignment results were scored based on the specific rubrics. Initial and final metacognition skill difference was analyzed using student’s paired comparison test. The value of initial metacognition skills and those of the final one were very different. Student metacognition skills have increased very significantly from the initial measurement. Implementing the RQA and PjBL learning models was successful in increasing students’ metacognition skills.

Key words: Answering, genetic lecture, metacognition skills, questioning, summarising

Sumampouw et al