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W Pengxiang
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International Research Journal of Public and Environmental Health
Vol.4 (5),pp. 84-95, June 2017
ISSN 2360-8803
Available online at
Article 17/ID/JPRH034/012 pages
Author(s) agree that this article remain permanently open access under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License.

Original Research Article

Influence of climate change on the water environment of the Hulun Lake

Wang Pengxiang1, Xiaokaitijiang Kasimu2 and Li Yunkai*1

1College of Water Resources and Civil Engineering, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100083, China
2Soil and Water Conservation and Ecological Environment Monitoring Station, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China.

*Corresponding Author Email liyunkai(at)

date Received: May 12, 2017     date Accepted: June 3, 2017     date Published: June 8, 2017


Based on remote sensing images, this study calculated the area of Chinese Hulun Lake from 1959 to 2009 and through collection and sorting of meteorological and hydrological data from four weather stations and three hydrological stations in Hulun Lake and the upstream basin from 1957 to 2009, comprehensive analysis of the influence of climate change on Hulun Lake’s water environment were also carried out. The results show that through related analysis, the lake area has an obvious negative correlation with temperature and positive correlation with rainfall showing. Thus, rising temperature, reduced rainfall and decreased flow are the main reasons for the decrease in the area of the Hulun Lake. Climate change has significant influence on the water status of Hulun Lake. Finally, the effect of climate change on the ecological environment of the Hulun Lake was analyzed, and the model of the relation between the Lake water level and meteorological factors such as rainfall, temperature and runoff volume was established. This research can provide reference for the management of water environment of lakes in cold and arid regions.

Key words: Hulun Lake, climate change, water environment, remote sensing image

Pengxiang et al