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Issues in Biological Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research
Vol.6(3), pp. 39-45, December 2018
ISSN 2350-1588
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Author(s) retain the copyright of this article. Author(s) agree that this article remain permanently open access under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License.

Original Research Article

An attempt to formulate culture media for the culture of air-borne fungi using local plant flours

Felix Onome1* and Angela U Ejale1

1Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.

Corresponding Author Email: onomefelix7(at)

Tel.: +2347067366161

date Received: September 15, 2018     date Accepted: November 28, 2018     date Published: December 20, 2018


This study was carried out to evaluate the possible use of local products as alternative and cost effective laboratory media used for the culturing of airborne fungi. Five food crop flours were used in this experiment with Malt Extract Agar [MEA] serving as a control. The poured plates were exposed to indoor air to isolate air-borne microbes. The cultures were incubated at temperature of 28°C±2 for a period of 120 hours where the total count of the fungi were recorded. Their growths on the formulated media were compared with the growth on conventional media. The fungi colonies recorded during the experiment were members of the genus Aspergillus, Penicilium, Trichoderma, Rhizopus and Neurospora. The total number of fungi colonies were higher in Cassava Flour Agar [CFA], Wheat Flour Agar [WFA] and Plantain Flour Agar [PFA] recorded than [MEA] the conventional mycological medium. Therefore, from the result of this experiment, there is hope for the use of local product culture media such as CFA, WFA, and PFA as suitable readily available and cost effective for in-vitro growth of the test organisms.

Key words: Culture media, airborne, fungi, plant flours, formulations

Onome and Ejale