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International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research
Vol.2(6),pp.234-237,June 2014
ISSN 2350-1561
Article ID JPR072/14/04 Pages
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Original Research Paper

Economic analysis of production and marketing of cassava in Akoko North-West Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria

Accepted 15 June, 2014

*Nzeh Emeka C. and Ugwu J.N.

Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), Enugu,Nigeria.

*Corresponding Author Email: nzecelestine(at)


The study analyses the profitability of cassava production and marketing in Akoko North West Local Government Area of Ondo State. One hundred (100) respondents were selected using multi-stage random sampling technique. Data were collected using well-structured questionnaire, interview schedule and personal observation. The results were analyzed using descriptive statistics and profitability model. The result showed that majority (54%) of the respondents had higher level of education, are married (60%) and above 45 years (64 %). Most (80%) of the respondents cultivate cassava mixed with other crops using simple farm tools. Majority (70%) of the respondents store their produce in processed forms. All (100%) the respondents indicated that their major processed cassava product is garri. Most (68%) market their produce on-farm (harvested) while others (100%) indicated that the processed forms are taken to the market for sale. The profitability analysis showed that the production and marketing of cassava is profitable because every N1.00 invested in the enterprise gave a return of N 2.97.

Key words: profitability, cassava, on-farm, production, marketing

Key words:

Nzeh and Ugwu