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Issues in Biological Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research
Vol.2 (2),pp.013-018,February 2014
ISSN 2350-1588
Article ID BSPR011/14/ 06 pages
Copyright © 2014 Author(s) retain the copyright of this article. Author(s) agree that this article remain permanently open access under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0 International License

Original Research Paper

A study on the presence of leucocytozoonosis in pigeon and chicken of hilly districts of Bangladesh

Accepted 27 February, 2014

T. C. Nath1*, M.J.U. Bhuiyan1 and  M.S. Alam2

1Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet 3100, Bangladesh.
2Parasitology Research Group, Centre for Communicable Diseases, ICDDR, B, Dhaka, Bangladesh

*Corresponding Author’s Email : tilak1986.dvm(at)
Tel.: +8801917379549


Presence of Leucocytozoonosis in pigeon and  chicken and the pathology it produced were investigated in four (4) selected districts of Bangladesh (Khagrachari, Bandarban, Sylhet and Sunamgonj) during the period of January to December’ 2011. A total of 200 samples (live birds) were collected randomly. Both ante-mortem and post-mortem examinations were performed along with microscopy of blood and affected tissue samples and collection of data using well-designed questionnaire. A total of 100 pigeons and 100 chickens were examined of which overall 2% pigeon and 12% chicken were found to be infected by Leucocytozoon sp. Leucocytozoon belonging to two species were identified. Identified species were Leucocytozoon marchouxi in pigeons and Leucocytozoon caulleryi in chicken. Pathological lesions were also observed. The suspected organs such as liver, lungs, kidney, heart, bursa and intestine were apparently normal on gross observation. However, numerous microgametocyte and macrogametocytes of Leucocytozoon were seen in many blood vessels of the organs examined. Oval to irregular shape gametocytes were observed in vessels of the affected organs. Small necrotic foci were observed in the liver upon histopathological study.

Key words: Presence, leukocytozoonosis, pigeon, chicken, hilly districts

Key words:

Nath et al