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International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research
ISSN 2350-1561
Vol.6 (11), pp. 207-219, December 2018
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Original Research Article

Growth parameters estimate of Madeiran sardenella (Sardinella maderensis) exploited from artisanal fisheries and landed at the Nouakchott fishmen’s beach in Mauritania

Mahfoudh Amednah1, Zongo Bilassé*2 and Kabre T. Jean André2

1Institut Mauritanien des Recherches Océanographiques et des Pêches (IMROP), Mauritanie
2Université Nazi Boni, LaRFPF, Burkina Faso.

*Corresponding Author Email: azongo(at)

date Received: October 26, 2018     date Accepted: December 17, 2018     date Published: December 21, 2018


Madeiran sardenella (Sardinella maderensis) is an important species actually fished in sea waters along the coasts of Mauritania with an increasing fishing state observed at different fisheries. Therefore, a critical study is necessary for sustainable conservation of the species. The aim of this work is to estimate the growth rate and the age of the species coming from artisanal fisheries at the Nouakchott fishermen’s beach in Mauritania. The study was carried out from the landings of Madeiran sardenella stock landed at the artisanal fishmen’s beach of Nouakchott during the period of January to September 2015. A total sample of 1048 specimens (568 females and 480 males) was collected. According to the method of Battacharya, 4 age-groups were identified. Using the equations of Von Bertalanffy, L∞ (cm) = 38.44, K = 0.53, and t0 = -0.60. The overall size-weight relationship gives an isometric overweight, defined by two allometric parameters: a = 0.007 and b = 3.09, with a high correlation coefficient (r = 0.93). A linear growing of the species was observed during the first year for both sexes; however females grow more than males while males live longer than females. Thus, the species has so far a capacity to support important exploitations; nevertheless, the fishing of the species need to be regulated to avoid an over-exploitation state and to build a sustainable management of the species.

Key words: Madeiran sardenella, Sardinella maderensis, artisanal fisheries, growth, structure, Mauritania.

Mahfoudh et al