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International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review
ISSN 2360-7076
Vol.6 (1), pp. 10-14 January, 2019
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A student achievement strategy for African Americans using the I.T.E.A.M.U.P. Model

1*Laylon Price and 1Steven Harrison

*Corresponding Author Email:

date Received: November 27, 2018     date Accepted: January 11, 2019     date Published: January 22, 2019


High school education for people of color and sound leadership are critical drivers for the United States to remain competitive on a global scale. The purpose of this paper was to present the current problem in minority high school graduation rates, a literature review of transformational leadership, and a transformational leadership strategy that may help improve graduation rates in students of color. Advances in technology, telecommunications, and transportation are continuing to drag United States industries such as computer programming, high-tech manufacturing, and service sectors into global competition. That said, the advancement of those segments is creating a demand for high-skilled labor around the world. For U.S. businesses to maintain a high level of growth in the global marketplace and realize its full potential, American employers must continue to tap into the talents of its minority workforce.

Key words: Student graduation rates, leadership, student achievement, transformational leadership, African Americans male students

Laylon and Steven