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International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review
ISSN 2360-7076
Vol.6 (3), pp. 63-70 May, 2019
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Original Research Article

Ensuring academic achievement through the influence of parental involvements in facilitating effective learning: A case of Arusha urban Primary Schools, Tanzania

Joshua M. Kuboja

Department of Curriculum and Teaching- University of Arusha, P. o. Box, 07, Usa-River, Arusha –Tanzania.

Author’s Email: kuboja2000(at)

date Received: April 10, 2019     date Accepted: May 17, 2019     date Published: May 22, 2019


The study focused on factors influencing parental involvement and its effects on pupils’ academic achievement in Arusha urban council. The study employed descriptive survey design and it used questionnaire tool to collect data to inform the audience. The number of respondents was 120 who filled questionnaire and sampling technique was random oriented. The data obtained was organized and computed through SPSS programme. Descriptive statistical techniques like mean scores and standard deviation were ascertained in order to get results. It was noted that parents who had low level of education were less responsible for what is going on in schools. The findings showed that in most cases, great number of parents was not attending school meetings and other involvements like following consistence of their children in school, buying books and school uniforms. It was also found that most parents feel uncomfortable to face the school administration to discuss their children progress due to low self-esteem syndrome. It is recommended that school administrators improve parent-teacher forum where parents can feel welcome and their views accommodated.

Key words: Parental involvement, low self-esteem, school administration, academic achievement