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R Rasiah

Issues in Business Management and Economics
Vol.2 (10), pp. 172-185, October 2014
ISSN 2350-157X
Article ID BM110, 014 pages
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Original Research Article

Assessing the importance of fish exports in the economies of Uganda and the Gambia: A supply-side constraint analysis

Seeku A K Jaabi* and Rajah Rasiah

Faculty of Economics and Administration,University of Malaya,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

*Corresponding Author Email: jaabiseeku(at)
Tel: +220 3911775

date Received:     date Accepted: September 11, 2014     date Published:


Much literature on fisheries industry focused on super exporters of China, Vietnam, Chile and Norway and in Sub-Saharan Africa, limited works have emerged on Ghana, South Africa and Kenya. In this study, we examine fish production and exports support to socio-economic development in least developed countries of Uganda and The Gambia. The study adopts a quantitative approach sourcing information from Central Banks, Fisheries and Statistics Departments of the two countries. The findings show that despite much recognised improvements in post-fish export crisis in Uganda, the lack of participation in frontier phase of high value added products, control of supply chains and product development remains a challenge and the adverse supply-side constraints inhibit further developments in the industry. The artisanal orientation in The Gambia, inadequacies in policies and low presence of industrial fisheries prevented the industry from exploiting its exports potentials. With acute challenges of business environment, physical and financial infrastructure, effective collaboration in the industry to resolve collective action problems remain crucial for both countries to realise their potentials in global fish trade.

JEL Classification: 01, 02, 05

Key words: Uganda, Gambia, fish, economic, development.

Jaabi and Rasiah