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International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research Vol.1(2), pp.048-052,April 2013
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ISSN 2350-1561  © 2014 Journal Issues
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Original Research Paper

Evaluation of some botanicals against termites’ damage on hot pepper at Bako, Western Ethiopia  

Ahmed Ibrahim* and Girma Demisse

Bako Agricultural Research Center,P.O.Box 03, West Shoa, Ethiopia.

*Corresponding author Email:

Tel: +251-0911457502

Accepted  February  20, 2013


A field study was conducted to evaluate the pesticidal efficacy of eleven botanical plants against termites on hot pepper at Bako, Western Ethiopia during the 2005, 2006, and 2007 cropping seasons. The powder of leaves and seeds of botanical plant species was applied at 50gm per 12.6m2 plot size. Plants with least termite damage were always recorded from plots treated with Maesa lanceolata, Azadirachta indica and Diazinon 60EC (2,500 ml/ha).The highest stand count and yield were also obtained from plots treated with the above plant species and Diazinon. Treatment with Shinus molle and Ficus vasta appeared to have the lowest effects on termite damage protection, consequently, there was low plant population at harvest. The use of Maesa lanceolata and Azadirachta indica might be promoted as part of an integrated management program of termite on hot pepper.

Key words:   Evaluation, botanicals, pepper, termite

Key words:

Ibrahim and Demisse