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Issues in Biological Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research
Vol.3(12),pp.123-128,December 2015
ISSN 2350-1588
Article ID /15/BSPR047/06 pages
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Original Research Article

Satureja avromanica Maroofi (Lamiaceae): An addition to flora of Turkey with contributions to its taxonomy

Mehmet Firat

Department of Biology, Faculty of Education, Yüzüncü Yıl University , TR-65080 Van, Turkey

Authors E-mail: kuyucak65(at)

date Received: October 15, 2015     date Accepted: December 12, 2015     date Published: December 10, 2015


Satureja avromanica Maroofi (Lamiaceae) has been recorded for the first time in the Flora of Turkey (C9, Şırnak, Siirt). Detailed morphological description, images, distribution map, pollen and nutlet morphology of this new record are provided in this study. Pollen grains of S. avromanica are isoplar, 6- colpate, oblate (P/E 0.88), Amb hexagonal. Exine is reticulate with 0.27μm thickness. In this study, this species nutlet was investigated for the first time.

Key words: New record, Satureja avromanica, Siirt, Şırnak, Lamiaceae, Turkey