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International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research
Vol.2 (11), pp. 373-378, November 2014
ISSN 2350-1561
Article ID/14/JPR103. 06 Pages
Author(s)agree that this article remain permanently open access under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License

Original Research Article

Phytochemical constituents and bioscreening activities of green algae (Ulva Lactuca )

Dalia F. Abd Elmegeed, Doaa A. Ghareeb*, Muhammed Elsayed and Muhammad El-Saadani

Biochemistry department, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.

*Corresponding Author Email: d.ghareeb(at)
Tel.: +201277291144

date Received:     date Accepted: August 30, 2014     date Published:


This study was carried out to investigate the phytochemical and biological screening of green algae (Ulva lactuca, UL) crude extract and polysaccharide (PS), U. lactuca was collected from Abu Kir Beach, Alexandria coast, Egypt. Phytochemical screening was assessed by chemical analysis, while the coagulatory effect was assessed by measuring prothrombin time (PT) and activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT). In addition, antioxidant property was measured in form of reduction in TBRSA formation in liver homogenate. Finally, the safety of extract was assessed by RBC toxicity test. Our results showed that, the green algae extract contained alkaloids, flavonoids and saponins that were 79.58, 2.36 and 0.03 mg/100 g algae dry weight, respectively, and the concentration of total phenols was 14.223 mg/100g dry algae tissue. The tested extracts showed antioxidant properties as it inhibited the induction of lipid peroxidation. The U. lactuca crude extract showed anticoagulation property while PS showed coagulation behavior. Finally, UL crude extract has non hemolytic effect on the red blood cells while PS solution has semi hemolytic effect on red blood cells. In conclusion, the UL extracts as natural product have high antioxidant activity due to the presence of total phenolic compounds and the coagulatory effect [assessed by measuring prothrombin time (PT) and activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT)] may be beneficial in the treatment of some cardiovascular diseases.

Abbreviations: APTT, Activated partial thromboplastin time; BHT, butylated hydroxytoluen; PS, polysaccharide solution; PT, prothrombin time; TBA, thiobarbituric acid; TBARS, thiobarbituric acid reactive substances; TCA, trichloroacetic acid; UL, Ulva lactuca.

Key words: Ulva lactuca, TBARS, antioxidant, coagulation, anti-inflammatory and RBC toxicity

Elmegeed et al