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International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review Vol.1(1), pp.001-005, January 2014
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Article 14/ID/EPRR001

Original Research Paper

Financing higher education in Kenya: Public–Private partnership approach

Accepted 19 November, 2013

Calleb Gudo

Faculty of Education and Arts, KCA University – Kenya.



Higher education in Kenya is characterized by students’ preference for public universities due to government financial support associated with such an admission. This demand for university education has significantly increased and continues to swell against a backdrop of decreasing ratio of financial allocation to universities from the Government. Since 2000/1 academic year, only about 6% of registered Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education candidates, which is an equivalent of 25% of candidates who meet minimum university entry requirements, gets admitted on Government sponsorship to public universities.  It is this surplus supply of qualified students that created market for privatization of university education in public and private universities in Kenya. It is argued in this paper that the current arrangement in financing higher education in Kenya is inadequate. It is recommended that the Government develops instruments that encourage public – private partnership in provision of physical learning facilities and non- discriminatory financial support to students in both public and private universities.

Key words: Public-private partnership, demand, privatization.

Key words:

Calleb Gudo