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International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research Vol.1 (9), pp. 236-254, November 2013
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© 2013 Journal Issues   ISSN 2350-1561
Article /13/ID JPR89, 19 pages

Original Research Paper

Competitiveness and determinants of cocoa exports from Ghana

Accepted 28 October 2013

Boansi David

Center for Development Research (ZEF)University of Bonn, Germany.

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To formulate future cocoa policy prescriptions and ensure continuous contribution of the subsector to poverty reduction, income generation and growth of the agriculture sector, the present study analyzed the export performance and determinants of cocoa exports from Ghana. The Revealed Comparative Advantage, Revealed Symmetric Comparative Advantage and multiple regression were employed as analytical tools using secondary data set from sources acknowledged in the study. Having tested for the appropriate standard Gaussian properties and performed all important tests, outcome of the analysis revealed that Ghana is highly competitive in exports of cocoa beans, total cocoa products and processed cocoa exports. In spite of improvements observed in the country’s export performance over the past three decades, there is potential for further improvement. This can be achieved through investment in productivity enhancing innovations, tightening of the loose borders of the country to minimize smuggling, holding onto the price stabilization system, continuous government support to the subsector and through timely adjustment of the exchange rate system.

Key words: Price stabilization, yield gap, value addition, government support, prices

Key words: