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International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research Vol.1 (9), pp. 288-297, November 2013
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Article 13/ID/ JPR93, 010 pages

Original Research Paper

Acreage response of rice in Côte D’ivoire: Macro-level response and some policy implications

Accepted 26 October, 2013

Boansi David

Center for Development Research (ZEF),University of Bonn, Germany.

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Tel.: +4915218152877


To help inform policy decisions on how current and future supply deficits in rice for Côte d’Ivoire can be bridged, the current study estimated the acreage response of rice to some selected price and non-price factors over the period 1966-2009. Coefficients of the acreage response model were estimated through the Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) and tested for appropriate standard Gaussian properties. Results of the study shows that, Cote d’Ivoire could improve its rice supply by employing measures to increase land area under cultivation, ensure harmonization between yield and area cultivated, reduce labor shortages, address adverse fiscal effects of the exchange rate system and promote stakeholder participation in development of the rice supply chain to help address current inefficiencies in the marketing and distribution network. A surprising discovery from the current study was that rice farmers in the country respond more to changes in producer price of maize than to producer price of rice.

Key words: Labour shortage, marketing system, supply deficit, co-integration

Key words:

Boansi David