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International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review
ISSN 2360-7076
Vol.2 (3), pp. 32-40 April, 2015
Available online at
Article ID:/15/EPRR/012/09 pages
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Original Research Article

Exploring self-concept among adult learners: The case of students pursuing adult education and human resource studies at SCDE, University of Ghana

Isaac Kofi Biney

University of Ghana Learning Centres – Accra Centre & Tema Office P. O. Box LG. 31 SCDE, College of Education, University of Ghana Legon

Author’s E-mail: ikkbiney(at); kbiney(at)
Tel.: +233 (0) 243 601 020

date Received:     date Accepted: April 24, 2015     date Published:


This paper investigates self-concept among adult learners pursuing Adult Education and Human Resource Studies at University of Ghana. Seeing students offering frank judgement about their academic performance in relations with others, provide opportunity to educators to suggest motivational strategies, to promote excellence amongst them. Interview guide was administered to a sample of 20 students’ purposively and conveniently selected. Descriptive statistical tool in percentages were adopted in presenting the results. It recommends that students should participate more in group studies. A system of counseling should be put in place by SCDE management to support students who develop negative self-concept (social and academic) to overcome their challenges.

Key words: Self-concept, academic performance, social experiences, competencies, lifelong learning, human capital