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Issues in Business Management and Economics
6 (1), pp. 1-13 January, 2018
ISSN 2350-157X
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Article ID/BM/17/056/13 pages
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Original Research Article

Economic globalization and inequality: Exploring the linkages

Luke Amadi*1 and Chioma George –Anokwuru2

1Department of  Political and Administrative Studies University of Port Harcourt ,Nigeria
2Department of Economics University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author Email: lukamadi2(at)


date Received: December 5, 2017     date Accepted: January 18, 2018     date Published: January 31, 2018


This paper contributes to the theorization of inequality in economic globalization as well as in development studies. It addresses the empirical, conceptual and theoretical challenges of exploring the intersection of  complex economic inequalities. The study adopts the dependency theory and econometric methodology. It investigates and advances knowledge on economic globalization with analysis of the implications of the intersecting inequality   through the revaluation of both actual flows, foreign direct investment and global fiscal transactions in line with economic performance and shows that policy advice  that is based on linking equality to economic globalization is critical.

Key words: Economic globalization, trade flows, inequality, underdevelopment.

Amadi and Anokwuru