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International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research Vol.1 (3), pp. 062- 066, May, 2013
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ISSN 2350-1561  © 2014 Journal Issues
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Original Research Paper 

Proximate composition and some functional properties of flour from the kernel of African star apple (Chrysophyllual albidum)

*Akubor1 Peter Isah , Yusuf2  Danladi  and  Obiegunam3 James Ejike

1 Department of  Food Science and Technology, University of Nigeria, Nsukka,Nigeria.
2 Department of  Science Laboratory Technology, Federal Polytechnic, Idah.Nigeria.
3 Department of  Food Science and Technology, Nnamdi Azikiwe University , Awka,Nigeria.

*Corresponding Author Email :

Accepted 31 March, 2013


The objective of this work was to assess the proximate composition and selected functional properties of flour from African star apple. Ripe fresh African star apples were washed and the pulp removed manually. The seeds were cracked manually and the kernels were separated from the hulls. The kernels were cut into thin slices of 1 cm thickness and hot-water blanched at 90°C for 5min. The slices were sun dried at 30±2°C to constant weight, milled and then sieved. The pulp, fresh kernel and flour were analyzed for their proximate composition. The flour functional properties were determined and compared with those of wheat flour. The results showed that the pulp contained 35% moisture which was higher than 20% for the fresh kernel. The moisture content decreased from 20% in the kernel to 9% in the flour. The ash contents of the pulp, kernel and flour were 4, 2.5 and 3.8%, respectively. The protein content of the flour was 4.5%, a value which was higher than the 20% for the pulp and 3.5% for the kernel. Crude fat was concentrated more in the kernel than in the pulp. The fat content increased to 9.3% in the flour from 8.4% in the pulp. The crude fiber content decreased from 5% in the pulp to 2.8% in the flour. The flour (70.6%) contained higher amount of carbohydrate than the kernel (63.6%) and pulp (52%). The water absorption capacity (250%) and oil absorption capacity (167%) of the African star apple kernel flour (ASAKF) were higher than those of wheat flour (WF) which were 130 and 135%, respectively. However, the emulsion and foaming properties of (ASAKF) were lower than those of WF. The least gelation concentration of ASAKF and WF were 10 and 8% (w/v), respectively.

Key words: African star apple, kernel, flour, proximate composition,functional properties

Key words:

Akubor et al