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Issues in Business Management and Economics
Vol.1 (5), pp. 115-124,September 2013
Article ID BM040, 010 pages
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Original Research Paper

Effect of mobile telephony adoption on small informal firm productivity in Burkina Faso

Accepted 1st September, 2013

B. Denis Akouwerabou  

Department of Economics,University Ouaga 2, Burkina Faso 03 BP 7164 Ouagadougou 03.

Tél: (+226) 70473773/78006366
Author Email: denisj16(at)


The adoption of information and the communication technologies [ICT] has many productive externalities on firm productivity. In this paper, we study the relation between the mobile phone adoption and the technical effectiveness of the informal production units of the urban district of Ouagadougou. The results of the stochastic frontier show that the adoption of mobile telephony affects positively the productivity of the small informal units of production in Ouagadougou city.

Key words: Informal production units, technical effectiveness, technology acceptance, Burkina Faso

Key words: